Founded February 2022

ClayEarth LLC

Let's build soil that will nourish future generations

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Soil/Compost Biology Analysis

Cost $50 per sample + overnight shipping

Site Visit/Sample Pick up

$25 + $0.585/mile

Missed Appointments (No call/No show) will result in a fee equal to 1 soil biology analysis($50)


About the Owner

Clayton Wassilak

Clayton has always been interested in the natural world, his interests started at a young age with an entomology collection and helping out in the garden. Later an interest in Aquaponics drew him further into plant cultivation and the concept of the nitrogen cycling microbial communities. After being introduced to Market Gardening at Augustana College and the Agroecology Summer Intensive at Goshen College he took an even greater interest in composting and in ground cultivation. After College he worked in ecological restoration and education before being exposed to the concept of using microscopes to test soil and compost for beneficial microorganisms through Dr. Elaine's Soil Food Web School.

Clayton is constantly experimenting with new ways to garden, cultivate resiliant plants, build quality soil and restore local ecosystems.

I am based in Illinois, but can also test soil samples from surrounding states if there is not a Lab closer to you.